Wild Mob Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors

Session type: Special guest speaker


We are the difference environmental conservation needs to see; ensuring young people are being seen, heard and included in issues that impact us. In this AABAT presentation we will be sharing our action-oriented and outdoor adventurous approach to conservation, incorporating key elements of culture, community and commerce. We will also share our personal journey of growth and development and how leading in authentic, adventurous spaces empowers us to contribute towards creating sustainable futures.


‘Protect the sea. Pick up debris.’ https://wildmob.org/youth-ambassadors-program/

Wild Mob Marine Debris Audit Campaign Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW261dxs_fs

Wild Mob Youth Ambassadors Marine Plastic Removal Campaign: https://vimeo.com/237985521

Wild Mob YAs – Changing the Tide: https://vimeo.com/323585124

About the presenter/s

Our team of Youth Ambassadors are a diverse mix of young people with varying skills, interests and experiences. Most Youth Ambassadors have volunteered with Wild Mob on conservation expeditions previously and thus seeded a desire to further their engagement. New members are always welcome to join and be part of a dynamic team that works collaboratively and collectively for visible impact and change.