NDIS meets AT: Perfect Match or Irreconcilable Differences?

Melinda Everett, Sharon Camac

Session type: Regular forum session
Session duration: 60 minutes

Key words: NDIS, Disability


The emergence of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been described as a paradigm shift in how community members with a disability are supported, allowing them unprecedented choice and control as direct consumers. Increasingly people as expanding the scope of what services can support them to achieve their goals and participate in inclusive activities. However for providers, service delivery under the NDIS is often reported to be complex and difficult to navigate – and especially to start up. To register or not register and what is the difference? What is the market, size, scope and how to access it? How does the NDIS even work?
This session will provide an outline of the NDIS through a scope of what opportunities it may have for AT providers, what market it has created, the different ways to engage and where to find your next steps.

About the presenter/s

Melinda and Sharon met within a leadership team of a disability service in 2013 and shortly after discovered another mutual passion – hiking and its therapeutic effects. Both have continued careers in disability service areas, in roles within sector projects and in Support Coordination, and remain passionate about inclusive and empowering options for all people. In their spare time they have established a fledgling company, Chicks in Boots, for women like themselves who love the outdoors and use it to improve their wellbeing and restore their spirit.