Kit Kline – Nature Reflections for improving Self Awareness

Nature Reflections for improving Self Awareness

Kit Kline

Key words: mental health, social and emotional wellbeing, nature connection, reflections, self awarenness, social work


Reflections Through Nature: We draw strengths and build resilience from observing nature.
Nature Based Therapy is a new emerging field in the health & wellness and social & community services sector. There is much evidence-based research which suggests that Nature Based Therapy can be used as an effective means to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing which include working with disorders such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss and substance abuse.

The aim of this workshop is to teach people how to use the reflection cards as a counselling tool to create a deeper understanding and find solutions to their presenting problems.
There are 28 cards to choose from each representing a teaching from nature.
A demonstration will be given on how to use the nature reflection cards in a counselling context.

The participants will then be put into pairs and will work together to guide each other to working with the reflection cards to gain a deeper understanding of how this method can be used to enhance the counselling experience for both the Counsellor and the person they are working with.

Participants will learn about the benefits of using Nature Based Therapy when working with people who are experiencing poor mental health. It is a workshop that is interesting, interactive and creative that guides a person on how to use nature reflection cards and apply them to either an individual counselling session or group therapy session.

The participants can expect to take away from the workshop a new method for working with people who are experiencing mental health issues. They will learn how to create and use nature reflection cards in their current work practice.