Connecting the body, mind and spirit through our senses; the why and how.

Kaya Lyons

Session type: Regular forum session
Session duration: 90 minutes

Key words: sensory, trauma, paediatrics, mental health, regulation, emotional regulation, occupational therapy, adventure


Those that have explored the natural environment know, through feeling, that it supports a platform for regulation, attention and participation & performance of skills. This workshop will guide a deeper understanding into why, from a sensory perspective, the elements of nature support connecting the body, mind & spirit and how we as facilitators can further enhance the power of our practice.

About the presenter/s

Kaya is a dynamic Occupational Therapist who is driven to find the ‘key’ to unlock every child’s unique abilities in order to achieve success in life. Kaya is the director of Active OT For Kids and developer and leading therapist of Camp Reset.

She has extensive training and experience working with children with autism, trauma, and complex needs.

She values the importance of play, attachment and being active. As a mother of three children she also understands the constant challenge to find balance in life.