Mentoring our young leaders – youth at the frontline of outdoor adventurous learning

Kalindi Brennan

Session type: Regular forum session
Session duration: 60 minutes

Key words: mentoring, youth, community.


How do we extend upon the positive outcomes of engaging youth in outdoor adventurous learning? How do we engage and mentor young people to gain the skills, confidence and experience to be leaders and advocates in the field of bush adventure therapy? What skills and attributes are valued in the mentor/mentee relationship? In this interactive workshop, participants will engage with youth leaders and adult mentors to share successful case studies and explore possibilities for increasing the presence of youth leaders in the field. Pedagogies of inquiry-led, project based and peer-to-peer learning will be emphasised; supporting young people to lead their own learning initiatives and community projects, with the support and encouragement of mentors and experts in the field.

About the presenter/s

Kalindi is an educator who loves working directly with young people. She has a passion for Sustainability, Environmental Education and Indigenous Cultural Integration; specialising in authentically embedding these cross-curriculum priorities through education and wider community engagement. .

A life-long learner, Kalindi has completed her Master of Education and Master of Environment – Education for Sustainability degrees. She also holds certifications in Outdoor Recreation, Fitness and Active Volunteering. She coordinates adventurous outdoor learning initiatives and expeditions for high school students; including Duke of Edinburgh Award journeys, Outdoor Recreation accreditation programs, School Camps and Wild Mob conservation expeditions.

Being a mentor to the Wild Mob Youth Ambassadors, fits with Kalindi’s ethos of empowering young people to have a voice and active role in decisions that impact them. She advocates for youth to be the leaders they’d like to see in the world.