Ben Knowles РAABAT’s past and future: a metaphorical fireside conversation about finding our place

AABAT’s past and future: a metaphorical fireside conversation about finding our place

Ben Knowles, Professional Panel

Key words: AABAT, Bush Adventure Therapy, Values, Principles, Future Planning


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This session will provide a rich orientation into the history, culture and possible future of AABAT and its support for all nature, outdoor and adventure based interventions in this country.

We live in shifting times, possibly in the dawn of a new order of thinking and being in the world together. As the reality of changing climate, global population pressure and increasing global political unrest are increasingly felt, where does bush adventure therapy sit? What does it have to offer these bigger conversations?

2019 is an exhilarating time to be involved in this diverse field, with burgeoning interest from many new quarters, from individuals, organisations and across sectors of allied health, education and many more. Whether you are new or old, with so much interest it is an ideal time invite you to visit with us, some of the achievements of the last 20 years. Through this we will unpack values and principles that have underpinned the association throughout its evolution and lay a foundation for future endeavours. We will look at pitfalls and challenges overcome and speculate on the role that AABAT and all forms of nature and adventure based interventions can have in creating a better future for our next generation.