I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours. Lewis Carol (Alice in Wonderland)

Belinda Stovell, Graham Pringle

Session type: Regular forum session

Key words: 'complex trauma', dissociation, 'case study'


Dissociation as a problem is a result of significant childhood adversity, almost always caused by periods of immense threat. The issues that young people face are diverse, confusing to observe and range from ‘spacing out’ to marked switching of presentation.
Youth Flourish Outdoors have recently experienced incidents in which young people showed dissociative behaviours during which, and before-hand, mistakes were made. Lessons learned are shared to help other organisations and practitioners avoid such errors.

As many practitioners may not be aware of dissociation causes and presentation a short synopsis will be presented to frame the de-identified and composite case studies.